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Words of Greatest Sweetness~


Behold, here I am. Behold I come unto thee, because thou hast called upon me. Thy tears and the desire of thy soul, thy humiliation and thy contrition of heart, have inclined and brought me unto thee.

My son, I am the Lord that giveth strength in the day of tribulation. Come thou unto me, when it is not well with thee.

My son, hear my words, words of greatest sweetness, surpassing all the knowledge of the philosophers and wise men of this world. “My words are Spirit and Life,” and not to be weighed by the understanding of man.

They are not to be drawn forth for vain approbation, but to be heard in silence, and to be received with all humility and great affection.

And I said, Blessed is the man whom thou shalt instruct, O Lord, and shalt teach out of thy law, that thou mayest give him rest from the evil days, and that he be not desolate upon earth.

I taught the prophets from the beginning (saith the Lord ) and cease not, even to this day, to speak to all; but many are hardened, and deaf to my voice.

Most men do more willingly listen to the world than to God; they sooner follow the desires of their own flesh, than God’s good pleasure.

What I have promised, I will give; what I have said I will fulfill; if only any man remain faithful in my love even to the end. I am the rewarder of all good men, and the strong approver of all who are devoted to me.

Write thou my words in thy heart, and meditate diligently on them; for in time of temptation they will be very needful for thee. What thou understandest not when thou readest, thou shalt know in the day of visitation. 

Where is thy faith? Stand firmly and with perseverance; take courage and be patient; comfort will come to thee in due time. Wait, wait, I say for me; I will come and heal thee. It is a temptation, this that vexeth thee, and a vain fear, that affrighteth thee. 

My son, walk thou before me in truth, and ever seek me in simplicity of thy heart.

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