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Sirach 21
1 My son, if you have sinned, do so no more, and for your past sins pray to be forgiven.

2 Flee from sin as from a serpent. that will bite you if you go near it; Its teeth are lion’s teeth, destroying the souls of men.

3 Every offense is a two-edged sword; when it cuts, there can be no healing.

4 Violence and arrogance wipe out wealth; so too a proud man’s home is destroyed.

5 Prayer from a poor man’s lips is heard at once, and justice is quickly granted him.

6 He who hates correction walks the sinner’s path, but he who fears the LORD repents in his heart.

7 Widely known is the boastful speaker but the wise man knows his own faults.

8 He who builds his house with another’s money is collecting stones for his funeral mound.

9 A band of criminals is like a bundle of tow; they will end in a flaming fire.

10 The path of sinners is smooth stones that end in the depths of the nether world.

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