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All Ye Holy Angels of the Lord~



Praise the Lord, all Angels of the Lord; praise Him all His hosts! Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and earth, I praise and thank Thee, not only because Thou hast created the visible world, but also because Thou hast created the Heavens and called the numberless spirits into being.

Thou hast created them most splendidly, endowing them with power and understanding and pouring out upon them the riches of Thy grace.

I praise and thank Thee for having showered Thy graces upon the good Angels, especially upon their Leader, St. Michael, and rewarded them with eternal glory after the time of their probation.

Now they surround Thy throne forever, singing in jubilant accord: Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts! Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory. Hosanna in the highest!

O Eternal God, Thy holy Angels serve Thee with constant fidelity and ready obedience. They carry out Thy commands with fervent love and sacred fervor, I thank Thee, O Lord, for the example which Thou hast given us through Thy princes, our holy protectors. May we gladly follow the example they have given us.

Holy Archangels, St. Michael. St. Gabriel. and St. Raphael, and all ye Angels of the Lord, intercede for us that we may share in thy burning zeal and glowing love.

Help us to become worthy messengers and true servants of God to proclaim His holy will, and to spread the peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ. Amen

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