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My Ears had Captured the Breath of the Wind


Most Sacred Heart

There was a time in my life that I seemed to have questioned everything that I was doing. What I was doing, was it the right thing to do?

We all more than likely have questioned our minds to find the proper answer that spoke to us. But mine in particular, the thought of questioning myself, almost became an obsession with myself, day and night, night and day it rather haunted me.

Then, it was a Sunday, a day for a prayerful spirit to come to our Lord’s House and pray. I shall pray like I have never prayed before. When I came upon my church to pray, ( I was raised a Catholic ) I walked directly in front of the church,  the left side of the church was a beautiful life size statuette of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, holding His most bleeding heart with one hand, and the other arm extended outward….

This figure of Jesus had always been in this church, but I believe perhaps this day,  it appeared to be extending His arm out to me. Lighting a candle with my thoughts saying; “I am the Light” I knelt before him, “ask, seek you shall find, ask knock and my door shall be open to you”…..

“Ask Me my child, what is it that troubles your heart that I already know” As I gazed upon the Sacred Heart of Jesus, His face appeared only to me, I am asking You, Lord; “Why is it I question myself so? I prayed and prayed,  I then needed to take my seat, church service was about to begin and our church was filling up fast. I found myself crying, I could not keep the tears from running down my face. I became very weak, and felt as though everyone of the members in our church had their eyes on me. I managed to contain myself and stayed for the full service of mass.

After church, I walked a few blocks to get to my home. This Sunday, would be the same as it always had been. I would continue through out the day and prepare dinner. Give my little one’s a bath, read them a story, and place them in their beds for the night.

But on this night, this particular night, little did I know how different it would be for me in the morning.

I laid in bed falling asleep, contemplating and questioning myself again, but to exhausted to think anymore, I fell into a deep sleep and slipped into a very deep dream.  In my dream my surroundings were achromatic.

What does this mean? As I found myself looking around, turning myself towards the North, East, South, and West an illuminated light became brighter than the sun light, a white that I never saw before, the blindness of the whiteness how can this be? Yet I can still see, I can still look onward even though I was blinded by the light~

The brilliance I thought, how can anyone see in this light? Yet, I was gazing into an immaculate, transparent light, when all of a sudden, a heavenly voice came to me from the four cardinal directions; North, East, South, and West~

It appeared to be in audio environment this voice, I was hearing strong yet gentle and loving. How can this voice come from the wind in every direction? I could not get a sense of balance as to what command I should be looking upon to hear this heavenly voice.

I remembered, I was no longer in my bed, I felt my presence, but yet I was not in my earthly body form. What has happened to me? Have I died in my sleep? Am I about to be questioned by my Lord in Heaven?

Father, Father, I am so heartily sorry for ever offending thee. The celestial voice that came from the North, the East, South, and the West, the very strong commanding voice, repeated back to me in this surround sound; “Keep With Me Always, and My Company”

As quickly as I heard His voice it disappeared, along with the illuminated light that surrounded me. Slowly I began to come back to my earthly body, overwhelmed by the intensity of this flooding energy and light. I awakened and could not understand what had happened,  my body trembled, and shivered. I sat up, and then laid down, sweat poured off my face.

I apparently had waken my husband whom laid besides me, and he asked me; “What was wrong, am I alright? What was happening?”

I could barely bring my voice to speak, but only said; I believed I had just died and left my body, the Lord spoke to me and the Lord said; “Keep With Me Always and My Company”

His Voice, His beautiful strong voice, I heard it speaking to me coming from the North, the East, South, and the West. It was as if a strong wind came from each of those directions, my ears had captured the breath of His wind. His voice spoke to me in every direction and the light, the most powerful light, the brightness of white, for my eyes have never saw such an illumination of light~

This night changed me completely, I have never forgotten the night the Lord spoke to me~

For one year, I then questioned every pastor, every minister, every priest, of that phrase and my dream, my out of body experience, asking what had happened to me? As I questioned and spoke of this night, no one could tell me what happened. But I should have known, my Lord did answer me. Why did I doubt?

I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken~Psalm 16:8

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go~Joshua 1:9

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you~1 Peter 5:7

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