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O’ How Sweet the Glorious Message

Angels Singing

O how sweet the glorious message simple faith may claim yesterday, today, forever Jesus is the same. Still He loves to save the sinful, heal the sick and lame Cheer the mourner, still the tempest, glory to His name.

Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same. All may change, but Jesus never! Glory to His name! Glory to His name! Glory to His name! All may change, but Jesus never! Glory to His name!

He, who was the friend of sinners, seeks the lost one now sinner come, and at His footstool penitently bow He who said I’ll not condemn thee, go and sin no more, speaks to thee that word of pardon as in days of yore.

Oft on earth He healed the sufferer by His mighty hand still our sicknesses and sorrows go at His command He who gave His healing virtue to a woman’s touch to the faith that claims His fullness still will give as much.

He who pardoned erring Peter never needst thou fear, He who came to faithless Thomas all thy doubt will clear; He who let the loved disciple on His bosom rest bids thee still, with love as tender, lean upon His breast.

He who ‘mid the raging billows walked upon the sea still can hush our wildest tempest, as on Galilee; He who wept and prayed in anguish in Gethsemane drinks with us each cup of trembling, in our agony.

As of old He walked to Emmaus, with them to abide so through all life’s way He walketh ever near our side soon again we shall behold Him, hasten Lord the day but twill still be this same Jesus as He went away.

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