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My Forever Tomorrows

For everything that I once knew,
and all that I once had,
yesterday, and today is gone.

For everything that was once complete for me, Yesterday, and today is gone
I no longer have everything
I cannot change what I lost,
Yesterday, nor what I had today.

You were part of me,
Part of my life,
Part of my extension for tomorrow,
You were all that I might have been,
if not for you,
Gone, to never be…..

Now my sweet one,
You will be in my forever tomorrows,
For all eternity.

I shall look upon the heavens, and await for you, Today, and tomorrow, and for all eternity.

Your light will forever shine my love.
Whenever I wish to feel you near.

I will fall deep within my soul to reach thee
And gaze upon your lighted soul,
In the heavens above.

And there forever more you will be with me….

ANGELSTARSPEAKS, awaken to hear her voice again…..

For this Angelstarspeaks to all of the universe, and to all Of us within the universe to hear, and for you, whom needs
to hear her voice speak.

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