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Praying ~From the Depths of Thy Heart

Knowest Dear Child
When Thou Art Crying
From the depths of thy heart,
know that God hears you~

The pain in your soul,
within Your inner being
The rivers of tears flowing
from thy eyes
Know that God sees you~

We evolve through sufferings,
patience, understanding
and prayer
The Spirit is Life,
The Mind is the builder,
The Physical is the result.

Bend your knee, bow down now in
reverence to Our Lord, Christ
Contemplate on His most Pure Heart~

See His most Precious Blood trickle
down on His most Holy Face
Feel His tears and sweat as if
they are your own.

Worship your Father in Heaven
Whom has created you in His image
Feel His Divine presence within you~

Be with Him in your Devotion
in Silence and Tranquility.

Know in your Heart within your
being He is hearing you in your
Cry unto Him~

Believe in Him with all
of your Heart,
With all of Your Mind,
With all of your Soul,
Know He will answer you
He hears your Cry unto Him.

Have Faith that He Hears
and He will answer You

When you least expect it,
it will be given to you~
You know He is God,
Your Lord, your Savior.

Believe in HIM and He will
Answer You.

When your cry for prayer
is answered You must
Witness for Him
For thou will be blest in Him
Tell the World of your gift
from Him Your answered prayer,
for others will believe~

Believe and you will be saved.
Believe with all of your Heart,
With all of your souls,
With all of your mind.
Know that You are Loved by Him.
Know your prayers
will be answered~

If you have any doubt,
then you do not
Believe in Him~

Believe in Him
Glorify the Lord thy God.

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