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Merciful Lord~

Good Morning God

Merciful Lord, you are never weary of speaking to my poor heart.
Grant me grace that, if today I hear your voice,
my heart may not be hardened~

Oh my God, You know my weakness and failings,
and that without Your help I can accomplish nothing for the good of souls,
my own and others’
Grant me, therefore, the help of Your grace.

Grant it according to my particular needs this day.
Enable me to see the task You will set before me in the daily routine of my life,
and help me work hard at my appointed tasks.

Teach me to bear patiently all the trials of suffering or failure that may come to me today~

Benefactor of all who turn to Thee
Light of all who are in darkness,
Creative principle of every seed,
Gardener of all spiritual growth,
Have pity on me, Lord,
and make me a temple without reproach.
Look not upon my sins.

If Thou takest account of my faults,
I cannot stand before Thee;
but in Thine immense mercy
and infinite compassion
wash away my stains through our Lord Jesus Christ,
most holy and Thine only Son,
the physician of our souls.
Through Him may there be rendered to Thee all glory,
power, honor, and splendor,
through ages of ages
which wane not and have no end~
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