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Again…Last Night, I Saw the Wing…

I became very exhausted…turning in earlier then usual~

Lights are now out…a very light thunder in the area….there is no lightning, just slight thunder…my pets know it is time for rest……approaching the hallway….I look back at my pets, noticing this very long lighted flash, and thinking, it was lightning only this time this reflection was from the center of my wall, upward halfway between the fireplace, facing downward towards the floor….

I immediately looked up towards my windows, but the light is not coming from that area…it was coming from the middle of my wall, above the fireplace……

Looking at my loving pets….they also have seen this light.  Now another light comes two more flashing lights….

Fascinating, knowing…this time the Angel is here again~

I wake my husband and explain to him what we had experienced seeing the angel light ….the amazing illuminated light of a long angel wing…

We had actually witnessed the glowing light of the wing of an angel~


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