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Do You Hear What I Hear?

One evening, many years ago, I was visiting my husband in the hospital, reading scripture to him. This became a daily event for us, for he had been hospitalized for many months, healing from catastrophic injuries, acquired from a vehicle accident.

During scripture reading, I hesitated for a few moments, looking out of his window. His bed was facing the window….I hesitated, because….. I was hearing,………hearing the most “BEAUTIFUL, HEAVENLY SOUND” I have ever heard….my husband also was hearing it ….He immediately said to me, “Do you hear what I am hearing?” I said, “Yes, I am hearing”…..he then asked me, “What are you hearing?”  ( * note: I am hearing impaired )

I answered, “I will tell you what it is I am hearing, after you answer me, “What are you now hearing?” My husband said, “It is the most beautiful sound, I am hearing a whole choir of angels!”  “Yes, that is what I am hearing, a heavenly sound, a choir of angels!”

A year had passed, and we had a visitor at the house to see my husband, he was a brother-in-law whom I never met. Upon visiting my husband and discussing with him his accident, he testified to the fact, that even though he was not around to see him the previous year, after he had his accident, he did have a prayer service said for him at a local church. He then told us, the day he went to the church, the minister’s daughter offered the opening prayer service to send a “CHOIR of ANGELS” to help heal him (my husband).

We just looked their in awe at each other. His brother-in-law asked us, “What was wrong?” We then told him, that little did he know, he was bringing us great news, and to us, the truth of our testimony, “THE CHOIR of ANGELS” that we indeed hear.

Listen here for what we may compare to the multitude of angels singing to us ( open this link) —

For He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways ~ Psalm 91:11

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