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True and False Shame

Sirach 41:14-24

My children, heed my instruction about shame; judge of disgrace only according to my rules. For it is not always well to be ashamed, nor is it always the proper thing to blush;

Before father, and mother be ashamed of immorality, before master and mistress, of falsehood;

Before prince and ruler, of flattery; before the public assembly, of crime;

Before friend and companion, of disloyalty, and of breaking an oath or agreement.

Be ashamed of theft from the people where you settle, and of stretching your elbow when you dine;

Of refusing to give when asked, of defrauding another of his appointed share,

Of failing to return a greeting, and of rebuffing a friend;

Of gazing at a married woman, and of entertaining thoughts about another’s wife;
Of trifling with a servant girl you have, and of violating her couch;

Of using harsh words with friends, and of following up your gifts with insults;

Of repeating what you hear, and of betraying secrets-

These are the things you should rightly avoid as shameful if you would be looked upon by everyone with favor.

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