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He Whispers to Me~

In the morning air, the sweet fragrance of the wild flowers, the earth and the trees, have blessed me with “His heavenly fragrance“ to pour forth “His Spirit in Me.”

Therefore, I will inhale “His fragrance and spirit within me“~

He showed me the path of “His Light” throughout my walk between the darkest corners of the trees,

Therefore, I will “Walk in His Paths”

And the steep hills I shall climb today, with renewed strength from HIM~

When I reach the top, I will see for all that He has given me.

I shall run down the hill with gladness and joy to my destiny He has before me.

Therefore, “I will see what He has given me”~

As I walk the morning path of God, He blesses me, with the songs and hymns of His birds singing praises and hymns~

Therefore, I will “Hear His Whispers’ He has spoken to me~

I hear, a great rush of wind upon me now, He blesses me and showers me with His morning dew droplets from the bowed branches of the trees. And here “He renews my baptism in HIM”~

Therefore, I walk with “His spirit in me“~

Oh, God, My Lord and Savior~
Thank you for giving me this great day~

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