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Have I Seen You Before?

The Face of Jesus

My friend,  a week goes by and throughout the week every person you see, although all strangers, yet all appear familiar….attempting to jog your memory….trying to remember, where have I seen these faces before?

At the end of that week,  you sit in a room with all of these same strangers you have seen all week……each of you must then take turns to respond and explain your prayerful thought to each other….and then it comes to be your choice of thought….spoken out loud, you remember…and tell each of them~

I looked upon each and everyone of you this week in passing, struggled to ask myself, where have I seen you before?

Everyone’s eyes, and smiles are familiar to me….and then it dawned on me…..yes, I have seen you all before, and yes, I have known each and everyone of you…your faces, your eyes, your smile~

I have passed by them before, because I have seen GOD, I have seen my Lord, in each and everyone through the window of  your souls, the light that mirrors back to me, is His reflection that is why we appear to be so familiar~

I tell you, we all share this same manifested energy of light, His spirit …we are all made from GOD…..

Yes, this is why you all look familiar to me, I have seen you before with my eyes, with my spirit, the windows of your soul that reflects in your eyes~

Do Not Be Afraid…..having my thought of fear…

I will not be fearful for God is with us everywhere….

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