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Fragrance of Heaven

A breeze from the garden of heaven blows upon the earth in delight the illumination and fragrance of it’s love I breathe~

Inhaling the “Fragrance of Heaven” more fragrant than any earthly element~

And when you partake in thy breath from Heaven~Capture the wind in which it brought unto thee His “Great Spirit” will come forth, dance~

The wind, the “Great Wind,” His wind will be upon you inhale
and breathe~

Never, have you partaken in this “Spirit of Breath” from Him~

I have “His” love what more can I obtain?

The elation of this scent from the “Great Wind” is held deeply within my being and placed its spirit upon the breath of my lips~

A praise of love that swells within my ears, the music it sings~

You have my love in your hands and my heart. Embrace it, love~

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