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Sirach 4

20 Use your time well; guard yourself from evil, and bring upon yourself no shame.

21 There is a sense of shame laden with guilt, and a shame that merits honor and respect.

22 Show no favoritism to your own discredit; let no one intimidate you to your own downfall.

23 Refrain not from speaking at the proper time, and hide not away your wisdom;

24 For it is through speech that wisdom becomes known, and knowledge through the tongue’s rejoinder.

25 Never gainsay the truth, and struggle not against the rushing stream.

26 Be not ashamed to acknowledge your guilt, but of your ignorance rather be ashamed.

27 Do not abase yourself before an impious man, nor refuse to do so before rulers.

28 Even to the death fight for truth, and the LORD your God will battle for you.

29 Be not surly in your speech, nor lazy and slack in your deeds.

30 Be not a lion at home, nor sly and suspicious at work.

31 Let not your hand be open to receive and clenched when it is time to give.

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