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My Dear Children…

My Sacred Heart Bleeds, and My Holy Tears are Rivers….

For this I must speak…..I must speak out loud to each and every one of you…..You Must Pray….Pray with all of your Heart, and all of Your Mind, Pray when the thought of Prayer comes into your mind…

Be Aware Please….For All of our Lost Children….Our Lost Souls, for All of OUR Lost Babies ……..for the very Children you are destroying, are the very CHILDREN YOU WILL NEED!

We are all like Beautiful Flowers, seedlings waiting to be nourished….into Mother Earth….water and nourish, and feed with all of your heart, for your Heart has Great Love, and Love is the Nourishment of our very Souls….

Hatred of our Mistakes is not reason to Abort….Hatred of our Life is not Reason for Revenge…Hatred of our Souls, is not Reason for the spread of this Virus…..For Hatred is the Real Virus which has fallen upon Mother Earth…..

Pray my Dear Children, All of us…Pray….Ask our Heavenly Father for His Forgiveness Now….Ask Our Heavenly Father to Bless Us All….Family, and Friend, Neighbor and Acquaintance…..with fear comes to us, when the time draws near….pray for our Children that we have Lost…Pray for our Children that we have not nourished, Pray for our Children and Nourish them with Gods Love……for these are the little seedlings that will grow…which do you choose, flowers or weeds?  

(The Parable of the Weeds, The weeds are the people of the evil one, and the enemy who sows them is the devil~Matthew 13:36-43)

Weeds take over….and great fear to us that create the weeds….

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