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Providence of God

Sirach 32
14 He who would find God must accept discipline; he who seeks him obtains his request.

15 He who studies the law masters it, but the hypocrite finds it a trap.

16 His judgment is sound who fears the LORD; out of obscurity he draws forth a clear plan.

17 The sinner turns aside reproof and distorts the law to suit his purpose.

18 The thoughtful man will not neglect direction; the proud and insolent man is deterred by nothing.

19 Do nothing without counsel, and then you need have no regrets.

20 Go not on a way that is set with snares, and let not the same thing trip you twice.

21 Be not too sure even of smooth roads,

22 be careful on all your paths.

23 Whatever you do, be on your guard, for in this way you will keep the commandments.

24 He who keeps the law preserves himself; and he who trusts in the LORD shall not be put to shame.

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