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Table Etiquette and Gluttony

Sirach 31

12 If you are dining with a great man, bring not a greedy gullet to his table, Nor cry out, “How much food there is here!”

13 Remember that gluttony is evil. No creature is greedier than the eye: therefore it weeps for any cause.

15 Recognize that your neighbor feels as you do, and keep in mind your own dislikes:

14 Toward what he eyes, do not put out a hand; nor reach when he does for the same dish.

16 Behave at table like a favored guest, and be not greedy, lest you be despised.

17 Be the first to stop, as befits good manners; gorge not yourself, lest you give offense.

18 If there are many with you at table, be not the first to reach out your hand.

19 Does not a little suffice for a well-bred man? When he lies down, it is without discomfort.

20 Distress and anguish and loss of sleep, and restless tossing for the glutton! Moderate eating ensures sound slumber and a clear mind next day on rising.

21 If perforce you have eaten too much, once you have emptied your stomach, you will have relief.

22 Listen to me, my son, and scorn me not; later you will find my advice good. In whatever you do, be moderate, and no sickness will befall you.

23 On a man generous with food, blessings are invoked, and this testimony to his goodness is lasting;

24 He who is miserly with food is denounced in public, and this testimony to his stinginess is lasting.

25 Let not wine-drinking be the proof of your strength, for wine has been the ruin of many.

26 As the furnace probes the work of the smith, so does wine the hearts of the insolent.

27 Wine is very life to man if taken in moderation. Does he really live who lacks the wine which was created for his joy?

28 Joy of heart, good cheer and merriment are wine drunk freely at the proper time.

29 Headache, bitterness and disgrace is wine drunk amid anger and strife.

30 More and more wine is a snare for the fool; it lessens his strength and multiplies his wounds.

31 Rebuke not your neighbor when wine is served, nor put him to shame while he is merry; Use no harsh words with him and distress him not in the presence of others.

Sirach 32
1 If you are chosen to preside at dinner, be not puffed up, but with the guests be as one of themselves; Take care of them first before you sit down;

2 when you have fulfilled your duty, then take your place, To share in their joy and win praise for your hospitality.

3 Being older, you may talk; that is only your right, but temper your wisdom, not to disturb the singing.

4 When wine is present, do not pour out discourse, and flaunt not your wisdom at the wrong time.

5 Like a seal of carnelian in a setting of gold is a concert when wine is served.

6 Like a gold mounting with an emerald seal is string music with delicious wine.

7 Young man, speak only when necessary, when they have asked you more than once;

8 Be brief, but say much in those few words, be like the wise man, taciturn.

9 When among your elders be not forward, and with officials be not too insistent.

10 Like the lightning that flashes before a storm is the esteem that shines on modesty.

11 When it is time to leave, tarry not; be off for home! There take your ease,

12 And there enjoy doing as you wish, but without sin or words of pride.

13 Above all, give praise to your Creator, who showers his favors upon you.

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