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Where Has All The Time Went?

Have you forgotten? What day it is? What time it is? Have the days blended within the week? Time goes by, quicker than you realize, and then ,you do not realize….You have lost hours, and hours, and many minutes and days…but where are the years?

Yes, it has been years…and then, we do not want to find the years that have passed…because it has been lost…how can we find the time?

“But I have been here, still here, waiting for you, this day, this minute, this hour…and now you have come to hear me….Why has it taken so long? So long for you, but not long for me…..for I have been here all along… is you…. that have been so very distracted, forgetting the time that has passed, and your earthly time has come to this very minute… of remembering what you have lost…”

“Every clock that has timed the minutes, has also timed how many minutes, you have forgotten me”…..

“When you gaze up into the night sky, and see the lighted stars, they also, are memories of the minutes of time that you have lost….Do we now have this moment of time, to make-up for our time, that has been lost from me?”

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