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Angel of God My Guardian Dear


I lay down in rest, my shoulders covered, silence surrounds the evening.

As I lay down to sleep…..a cool light breeze surrounds my face….I take my arm to stretch out, outside of the blankets…. to feel the breeze, that surrounds my face…..

She is here again…..I can feel “My Special Angel” here surrounding me….Is she making me now aware? Yes, she wants me to know, that even in the evening hours, as I lay down to sleep…she is here protecting me…..

“My Guardian Angel” is here, as I lay down to sleep and pray….

Angel of God, my holy protector, given to me from heaven by God for my protection, I fervently beseech you:

enlighten me and preserve me from all evil, instruct me in good deeds and direct me on the path of salvation.


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