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The Necessity of Prudence

Sirach 18
14 My son, to your charity add no reproach, nor spoil any gift by harsh words.

15 Like dew that abates a burning wind, so does a word improve a gift.

16 Sometimes the word means more than the gift; both are offered by a kindly man.

17 Only a fool upbraids before giving; a grudging gift wears out the expectant eyes.

18 Be informed before speaking; before sickness prepare the cure.

19 Before you are judged, seek merit for yourself, and at the time of visitation you will have a ransom.

20 Before you have fallen, humble yourself; when you have sinned, show repentance.

21 Delay not to forsake sins, neglect it not till you are in distress.

22 Let nothing prevent the prompt payment of your vows; wait not to fulfill them when you are dying.

23 Before making a vow have the means to fulfill it; be not one who tries the LORD.

24 Think of wrath and the day of death, the time of vengeance when he will hide his face.

25 Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty, poverty and want in the day of wealth.

26 Between morning and evening the weather changes; before the LORD all things are fleeting.

27 A wise man is circumspect in all things; when sin is rife he keeps himself from wrongdoing.

28 Any learned man should make wisdom known, and he who attains to her should declare her praise;

29 Those trained in her words must show their wisdom, dispensing sound proverbs like life-giving waters.

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