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Paris, France-A Choir of Angels Singing

The Veil of the Virgin 001

Paris, France, another ‘Choir of Angels” sing……

It has been a while reflecting back….a number of years has past….remembering-

A Beautiful Day in Spring of 1998 in Paris, France.

The Garden’s of Monet were just as you imagined them to be, in all of the pictures you see, but more…

It had been raining that day, in the Spring, but the scent of the rain, and the smell of Mother Earth, along with the spring flowers…..for me just being there in Paris, at this time of the year, it would surely bring love into anyone’s heart, and the glow of that reflection upon one’s face.

Little did I know, a greater surprise of wonder and awe, was in store for me…….

Our tour bus, had extra time this day and decided to take another road to show us a very beautiful kept secret, in another small village…

it was “The Cathedral Notre’-Dame De’ Chartres” this Cathedral, had been originally started in the 1st Century, in which, it would make this Cathedral (2) two-thousand years of age.

This Cathedral contained within, held some very special treasures, one that I never knew ever existed!

This treasure was one (1) of the very veils, said to be worn, by the Blessed Virgin Mother, Mary.

Inside this cathedral actually held (2) two veils, only (1) that was publicly displayed.

My eyes teared up with joy, and disbelief, and my heart pounded with excitement!

Inside the ancient cathedral, as you entered reverently, there, on the floor, was a labyrinth (maze), total length 294 meters, which pilgrims completed on their knees, to symbolize the quest for celestial Jerusalem.

I myself, never dreamed of ever being privileged enough to go to Paris, France, let alone be able to be here, on this day of which I speak of…..

As I gazed upon the labyrinth on the floor, suddenly…I heard a “Beautiful Choir” singing…. my immediate thought;

it must have been the students singing with their tour guide on the side of me……

But it was not them singing…the choir “the beautiful voices of the choir” I did hear as I looked around….


I stood there capturing within my sight, every area of this most magnificent cathedral…but still searching for the choir…..

I could not help, but direct my eyes above, in back of the church, where we entered…there on the loft above,

was the most beautiful organ, later found, that it was 14th century organ loft, 16th century case.

However, there was no choir singing, nor practicing in the church.

The singing came from every direction, perhaps the acoustics in the church, I thought….

I finally took it upon myself to approach the group of students, and asked them, “Where is that heavenly choir coming from?”

Most of the students did not answer me of what I was asking them, mainly due to language barriers….but the guide, and two other students, did answer me, in English.

“We’re sorry-but we do not hear any choir or music of any kind.”

I responded to them again, saying, “Yes, there, can you not hear the choir?”

”No Madam’, no singing, no music, no choir.”

I must inform all of you, if you are reading this writing, I am hearing impaired, and during this visit in Paris, France, I did not have my hearing aid at all…..mine was irreparable at the time.

I was privileged with grace to receive hearing a “Choir of Angels”…as miraculous as this is to me, this was my (2nd) second experience of hearing them~my first experience, I have written in another page; “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

The most beautiful singing you could ever possibly imagine, praising and singing~I will testify, the “Choir of Angels” may sound similar to this;

and the angels sang their praise and glory~

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