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Monk Clothed in White Facing the West

June 7, 2009

Last night, I visioned a Monk in a dream, a Monk dressed in White~


The Monk dressed in white was facing the West.  As he was facing the West, he held a Great Book,  Uriel’s book of divine wisdom and with the Great Book, he held a feathered quill pen….reading,  writing, while facing the West~

As he was writing, I visioned the hills in the background,  the sky was blue, and there stood the palm trees.  A dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak, was a freshly plucked olive leaf~ 

Now this moment, everyone is aware of the Monk clothed in white searching and writing in his book, pointing to the West, along with the dove and the branch in his mouth.  This meaning that there is peace and hope in the world~

The compass now points-Michael rules East, His Sword representing Divine Judgment, Raphael rules West, Raphael’s pilgrim staff divine protection. Gabriel rules North, and Gabriel’s Lily, meaning Divine Mercy.  Uriel rules South, Uriel’s book divine wisdom.

Raphael is the monk in the dream, facing the West and the angel who performs all manner of healing~his pen, the staff, divine protection and reading Uriel’s book of divine wisdom~

Angelstarspeaks awakens to hear her voice…..again….I must write and disclose the vision of  the monk, Raphael clothed in white, facing and pointing to the West, reading the great book~

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