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Mother n Child

Hail Star of the Sea

Hail, thou Star of ocean, 
Portal of the sky! 
Ever Virgin Mother 
Of the Lord most high!

Oh ! by Gabriel’s Ave,
Uttered long ago, 
Eva’s name reversing, 
Stablish peace below.

Break the captive’s fetters;
Light on blindness pour; 
All our ills expelling, 
Every bliss implore.

Show thyself a Mother;
Offer Him our sighs, 
Who for us Incarnate 
Did not thee despise.

Virgin of all virgins!
To thy shelter take us:
Gentlest of the gentle!
Chaste and gentle make us.

Still, as on we journey, 
Help our weak endeavor; 
Till with thee and Jesus 
We rejoice forever.

Through the highest heaven, 
To the Almighty Three, 
Father, Son, and Spirit, 
One same glory be.  Amen.

“Sing as a group the AVE MARIS STELLA and I’ll guard you from every danger.” Our blessed Mother~

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