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Dearest Infant

Dearest Infant! Tell me, what hast Thou come on Earth to do?

Tell me, whom art Thou seeking? Yes, I already know.

Thou hast come to die for me, in order to save me from hell.

Thou hast come to seek me, the lost sheep, so that, instead of fleeing
from Thee any more, I may rest in Thy loving arms.

Ah, my Jesus, my treasure, my life, my love and my all!

Whom will I love, if not Thee?

Where can I find a father, a friend, a spouse more loving and lovable than Thou art?

I love Thee, my dear God; I love Thee, my only good.

I regret the many years when I have not loved Thee, but rather spurned and offended Thee.

Forgive me, O my beloved Redeemer;for I am sorry that I have thus treated Thee, and I regret it with all my heart.

Pardon me, and give me the grace never more to withdraw from Thee, but constantly to love Thee in all the years that still lie before me in this life.

My love, I give myself entirely to Thee; accept me, and do not reject me as I deserve.

O Mary, thou art my advocate. By thy prayers thou dost whatever thou wilt from thy Son.

Pray Him then to forgive me, and to grant me holy perseverance until death. Amen

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