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Be Aware Always…of The Winged Birds



Be aware, always, be aware, please….the winged birds…the birds….

The very “Winged-Bird” that fell from the sky and expired, the birds that fell from the sky and died, or the one you just hit with your car; or your motorcycle, the birds that died, the many birds that departed, the birds sacrificed their life, to make you aware…..

You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.

To stop your racing thoughts, the thoughts that distract…

The very thought that made you not aware…..

Now for the “Sacrificed Life of the Winged Bird”

 one that made you come to a standstill and become aware….for if not for this distraction of the “Sacrificed Life of a Winged Birds” it made you whole again.

Blessed you with it’s life and death, that you might not have another fate…..

Remember the “Sacrificed Life of a Winged Birds”………

“Angelstarspeaks” again, awakened to hear her voice January 19, 2010

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