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Prayer of Thought to Cleanse My Soul

All of my thoughts, bereave me so
My Conscience of sins haunt me,
patterns of pain, memories lie deep within my soul.

Every moment, every thought I gather,
engulfs my very soul with sadness.
I grieve heavily, upon my heart,
my soul, my mind…….
thoughts of anything… I have done,
or failed to do.

The madness it gives me.

The very rain that is fallen upon my face,
may it cleanse deep within my soul.

But do allow my soul impassioned
In contrite tears to wash my stain.

I pray each day for the courage of enlightenment,
the passion to keep the flame lit within.

Yet, the interference of my sub-conscience,
betrays me.

I must seek refuge in thee, and not leave.
Cleanse my soul, Oh Holy Father,
Cleanse my soul.

angelstarspeaks, awakened to hear her voice 2009

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  Pe Chandler wrote @

We need more people to read this and understand that the rain is holy. Dance in the rain but do not drink. A Messenger told me it was Holy Water. If you know someone in the Hospital in a comma, pour a little on them. If they have never Repented the Lord will grab them from evil and pull them up for another chance. Spoken from hearing this story first hand from someone I met. As she was in the grip of hell. Let’s always care more about others than we do ourselves. Be open minded. Never arrogant. It never hurts anyone now does it? Never forget how many stranger’s helped us in our lives.

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