Angel Writings, Stories, Scripture, Poetry

Book of Revelation

Seven Seals

1. Religious deception

2. War

3. Famine

4. Disease epidemics

5. Tribulation and persecution

6. Heavenly signs

7. Seven trumpets

1. Destruction of vegetation

2. Devastation of oceans and sea life

3. Devastation of rivers and fresh water

4. Sun, moon and stars darkened

5. Torturous human afflictions

6. Enormous military destruction

7. Seven last plagues
Armageddon and return of Jesus Christ

The Seven Trumpets
When the first trumpet is sounded in Revelation 8:7 hail, fire and blood fall upon the Earth, and a third of its surface, along with a third of its trees and all of its grass, is consumed in flame.

Upon the sounding of the second, a great, flaming mountain falls into the sea.  A third of the oceans turn to blood, a third of the sea creatures are killed, and a third of the ships are destroyed. With the third, the star Wormwood falls upon a third of the rivers and springs, poisoning them and the many men who drink from them.

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